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My name is Lee and I’ve been teaching people to drive for over 15 years in Chester and the surrounding areas.


I have achieved the highest grade in the industry putting me in the top 15% of driving instructors in the UK.


I have invested, and continue to invest in, high quality specialist training to further my professional development as an instructor.


This has a direct and beneficial influence on all Lee's Driving School customers, you will learn faster and to a higher standard.


I’m very patient and believe it's important to plan lessons around your individual needs, after all, learning to drive should be an enjoyable experience for all.

Lee Bunn ADI


Chester, Ellesmere Port and surrounding areas

Lee's Driving School

Lee’s Driving School is a fresh, modern, forward thinking driving school based in Chester, offering friendly and professional driving tuition to learners of all abilities.


My style and approach to teaching is very relaxed, patient, fun and friendly. That’s my promise. 


In today’s world, passing your driving test isn’t just a ritual of modern life, it’s your gateway to not only a freedom you’ve dreamt of, but imagine all those new job opportunities that open up for you. 


Safe driving is not only a life skill it’s also one of life’s great achievements too. Lee’s Driving School is here to help you achieve your goals in the most stress free way as possible.

patient and friendly
grade A instructor
over 15 years experience
very high pass rate
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Jodie passed her driving test


Learner Drivers, Refresher & Advanced

Single Manual Lessons:

90 Minute Lesson - £75
Full Motorway Experience  -  £125

Block Booking:

Pre-paid Block of 5 x 1.5 Hour Lessons - £350


Half Day Course: 4 hours (includes short break and refreshments)  - £220

Pass Plus Course: - £200


Defensive & Advanced - £50 per hour

Instructor Training - £50 per hour

Fleet Driver Development

I am a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Registered Fleet Driver Trainer, specialising in the training and coaching of fully qualified drivers of  company cars and vans.


I cover all aspects of advanced, defensive and eco-safe driving, with the benefits of expert knowledge of road safety and comprehensive driver assessment and development reports.


I offer a range of specialist courses, based on safety, fuel efficiency and defensive driving. Contact me and discover how I can help your business.

Training Car

Exclusive, premium, original and distinctive!


The All New Ford Focus ST EcoBlue.


When learning to drive, the quality of the tuition vehicle plays a key role. 


Lee’s Driving School would like to give you the best chance of success and that’s why we teach in the new Ford Focus ST Sport .


This is a great car to learn in, with a super smooth 6-speed MANUAL gearbox combining excellent driver ergonomics, engineering, design and comfort, a commanding driving position with outstanding all-round visibility, making the learning process easier and safer for a new driver. 


The all-new Ford Focus has been awarded the maximum 5-star safety rating by independent crash test authority Euro NCAP - one of the first vehicles to be awarded the highest rating under new more stringent testing protocols. 


The trophy cabinet is filling up fast! It has already earned 12 prestigious awards - including two ‘Car of the Year’ titles - since going on sale across Europe. 


Most importantly, the Focus was given a 5-star rating as a training vehicle by “Driving Instructor" magazine.


Some of the cars coolest features:


Extremely comfortable and fun to drive

Exclusive and Premium Materials throughout

Striking design in ‘Orange Fury’

High Definition reversing camera

All-round parking sensors

Full CCTV recording

Digital climate control

Heated seats and steering wheel

Packed with amazing technology to make learning easier

Heads up visual display

Darkened privacy glass

Full glass panoramic sunroof

He-Man dual controls for your safety 

Exclusive sports trim and pedals

A smooth 6-speed MANUAL gearbox


The Ford Focus ST EcoBlue has one of the lowest levels of carbon emissions in the market place, so you will be reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the environment by learning to drive with me.


Lee’s driving school 


Driving You to Success

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Areas Covered

I cover Chester and the surrounding area, including Helsby, Elton, Barrow, Mickle Trafford, Dunham-on-the-Hill, Guilden Sutton, Waverton, Christleton, Huntington, Vicars Cross, Hoole, Kingsway, Upton, Backford, Mollington, Capenhurst, Saughall, Blacon, Handbridge and Saltney.


I also cover the Ellesmere Port area including Great Sutton and  Whitby.


Please get in touch if you need more information.

Male driver happy he has just passed his driving test
  • What should I bring on my first lesson?
    You will need your valid provisional driving licence, glasses or contacts if required to see far ahead eg, a car number plate from at least 20m. Wear suitable footwear that will allow you to feel the pedals and control the car, avoiding flip flops, work boots and very chunky trainers if possible to make it simpler for you.
  • Can I apply for a Provisional Driving Licence before I am 17?
    Yes you can, the DVLA will accept applications for Provisional Driving Licences. You will need to apply using a D1 form or go online. You may apply up to 3 months before your 17th birthday. However, even though you may receive your licence before your actual birthday you will still NOT be able to start learning to drive a car until your 17th Birthday! Unless it is ‘off road’ and supervised on private land.
  • How long will it take and how many lessons will I need to pass the driving test?
    The driving examiners, who conduct driving tests, recommend approximately 48 hours tuition with a qualified instructor with a further 20 or more hours of “private supervised practice”. However, students can complete the process in less time than this. This will depend on the frequency and continuity of lessons, the students own ability ( everyone learns at different paces).It will probably take longer and ultimately cost more if you don’t have regular lessons. Average students who take weekly lessons would usually be ready to drive independently on their driving test within 4-6 months. Some can be ready much sooner if they have natural ability and have already passed their theory test. Some students may be learning a lot longer. Driving requires a lot of practice to competently deal with busy cities, complex roundabouts, rural roads and fast moving dual carriageways.
  • Do I need to pass my Theory Test before I start learning to drive?
    No. You can start learning to drive whilst studying for your theory test at the same time. FREE Theory Tuition Apps are available online which will help you to pass the test. There are also lots of books and CD ROM’s available for you to practice the theory questions and the hazard perception part of the theory test, the full version of the apps are well worth the investment and are around £5.
  • I work part time and go to College too, when can I do my lessons?"
    I can arrange your lessons around your work and college. You can have the same slot every week or it can change from week to week whichever is best suited to you. You can even start your lesson at home and finish at work or college or the other way around, if arranged beforehand and it’s within a reasonable distance.
  • On my first driving lesson will I be driving on a main road?
    No. On the first lesson for someone who is new to the syllabus you will start on a very quiet road, or car park where there will be little or no traffic this is both for safety and to help you with your confidence. Sometimes the more confident learners do get to go onto a main road during their first lesson.
  • Other than my instructor who else may supervise me while I drive?
    If you would like to gain extra experience with your driving and you have someone willing to supervise you in between your lessons then they must have held a full driving licence for at least 3 years and be at least 21 years of age, and have the correct motor insurance to allow this.
  • When will I know that I am ready for my driving test?
    You will know when you are ready for test, when you can drive safely and independently. At the end of your lessons we will complete a progress record based on the initial “Goals” set at the beginning of your lesson with you, which will show you how well you are doing, and will highlight any areas that may need more practice. The progress sheets will help you to see when you will be ready to take your driving test. Mock tests are also a very good idea for both the student and instructor to accurately gauge.
  • What car will I use for my practical driving test?
    You can use the car you’ve had your tuition in for your driving test or you can use your own, it needs insurance for you as a learner to drive the vehicle and have ’L’ plates on both the front and rear (Not in the windscreen or rear window). You must also supply a spare rear view mirror for the examiner to use and the car must be in a roadworthy condition. You must attend the test with a full licence holder present.
  • What is the Pass Plus course?
    This is optional and gives you further experience on other areas of driving such as motorways. The course consists of approximately 6 hours of driving and covers areas that you may not have been able to learn before you passed your test. ie. night driving. I will provide you with your certificate on completion.
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Customer Reviews

Lee was a fantastic instructor from the first lesson I had with him. Everything that he wanted me to know was explained really well and that of course makes it a lot easier.
Lewis Speakman
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